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Donations can be very important for smaller companies and individuals

Some of those people rely on crowdsourcing to get their projects up and running.

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Donations help

Donations help

This is true

Ad revenue is declining

Ad revenue is declining

People don't even see ads anymore

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About this page

I put a lot of time and effort into all the creative material on this site, and a bunch of others that I run. It costs both time and money to maintain all of it. I try to offset some of the costs by running ads. But that has proven to be essentially worthless in today's internet. People just don't click on ads. They see them as an intrusion and an invasion. It doesn't help that many sites out there run massive numbers of absolutely intrusive ads, or bait you into new page loads, and other tricks to try to maximize their ad revenue at your expense.

I have NO interest in doing that. I'm a user too after all. And I also find that behavior to be ridiculous.

So I am asking outright for donations to help me out. If you found stuff on my site to be fun, useful, and/or entertaining, then all I ask is for a donation.

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